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  • Alice is Dead Part 3

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Imagine that, Alice is Dead Game series, all three chapters are even crazier than the original Alice in Wonderland. Seriously, Hyptosis and Mike Morin should work on a bigger project. The art in Alice is Dead game is simply fantastic, same as story, sequels, humor, puzzles and especially characters and character designs… absolutely amazing. Let’s hope that the chapter 3 was not the final part, but unfortunately, there was no “To be Continued” in the end and we haven’t heard of any announcements from developers or even rumors about the Chapter 4. Anyway, check out one of the best game to play with your not so gamer girlfriend.

Alice is Dead: Chapter 1 – the first game from the series is probably the shortest but also the most impressive one. For a moment there, it will feel like the real Alice in Wonderland, until the moment when it gets a little creepy. But it’s exactly the creepy part + the music + the artwork is exactly what makes the game what it is.

Alice is Dead: Chapter 2 – More than adequate sequel full of enthusiasm and surprises. This time action takes place outside the “wonderland” which comes as a surprise and is a bit confusing. But very soon you realize it’s not the “wonderland” part you’ve been waiting for… It’s the creepy stuff and there’s plenty of it in Chapter 2.

Alice is Dead: Chapter 3 – Part 3 lasts longer then 1+2 and it’s the craziest chapter by far. You’ll still be dealing with unidentified creatures and super weird storyline like in previous chapters PLUS you get to enjoy awesome jokes. Jokes and humor usually ruin games like this but not in Alice is Dead Part 3. The only thing you’re going to regret about Chapter 3 is the absence of “To be continued” in the end

All three chapters have something to show for. All three games are unique in some way and remind you of something. Alice is Dead is the kind of game you’d love to play together with your boyfriend / girlfriend. And you’ll definitely want to keep it in your gaming collection.


Alice is Dead Chapter 1; Followed by Alice is Dead Chapter 2 and the Final Game from the Series – Alice is Dead Chapter 3 – Play all 3 Chapters of the Epic Adventure Puzzle Game.

Update 09.06.2015

We've been trying to contact Mike Morin as well as other developers to find out whether or not there will be Alice is Dead Chapter 4 but no luck. No success, we couldn't contact anyone so at this point there are no announcements, no rumors or spoilers, no hints, no nothing, which is very unfortunate and sad. Not to worry though, We'll keep you updated as soon as we get new reliable info about Chapter 4. Meanwhile enjoy all the three chapters and if you get too stressed in Alice's horror world, make sure you visit Papas Games website for lovely cooking games by Flipline Studios 11 Amazing cooking games including brand new Cheeseria. Or explore the brand new RPG world at Yahoo games in Kings Road Online RPG Game.


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